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Imaginative Beginnings Early Learning Center

Play. Learn. Grow. 

Age Groups Served


Imaginative Beginnings teachers recognize an infant needs a place where they feel safe and loved so they may explore the at their own pace. Activities are carefully sequenced from simple to complex so that each child can be successful.


Toddlers have a great sensitivity for language, spatial relationships, music, art, and social graces. In the rich learning environment at Imaginative Beginnings, toddler teachers carefully construct activities and experiences that capitalize on all of these developmental needs.


Children from three to six years old are so excited to learn. They consciously absorb knowledge as they sort and categorize their experiences in the world. Imaginative Beginning teachers provide an environment that is child centered.


School Age

Serving Genoa, Lake and Northwood, Oregon, and Maumee School Districts.  Each School Age classroom has a mix of children ages 6-12 years old.  Teachers engage their students in the learning process by teaching them how to organize and take ownership of their work, make choices, and pursue their interests. Teachers encourage exposure to enriching activities and active play.

Our Approach

Imaginative Beginnings focuses on nurturing a love of learning by teaching children how to work, including: organizing time and space; accepting responsibility for their own learning; taking appropriate risks; respecting the environment and the needs of others; and creating a democratic community. 

Success in reaching these goals is measured in a number of ways including: teacher observations, self-correcting work, work plans, student self-evaluations, portfolios of written work, reports to parents and parent conferences.

Serving Northwood and Maumee (Ohio)
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